Pay Per Click Advertising- Stop Throwing Money Away With PPC

Pay Per Click advertising is easy. An ad takes seconds to write, and shortly thereafter you’ll get targeted traffic to your Web site for pennies. True?

If you have experience with  PPC , you know that this scenario is mere fantasy. You can spend money faster with  PPC  than you can at the race track, and you get better odds at the track too.

Don’t throw money away with  PPC . A  PPC  campaign needs preparation. Here’s a step by step process to follow to ensure that you don’t throw your money away.

1. Decide What You’re Selling

In a  PPC  ad, you’ve got just three lines to attract surfers. Make those three lines count. Ensure that what you’re selling is in the ad. If it’s a pricey product or service, put the price in the ad. You don’t want traffic – you want people who are ready to buy.

2. Choose Your Buyers – Your Target Audience

Who wants what you’re selling? Why do they want it? What words will they type into a search engine to find you?

Write down who they are, what they want, and the keywords they use. You’ll need the keywords in the next step.

3. Choose Your Keywords

Choose your keywords carefully. You want to get your prospects as late in the sales cycle as you can, when they’re ready to buy. Your keywords need to reflect that. Include words like “Buy”, “Purchase” and “Get”.

4. Get Your Landing Page Right – Are Your Keywords On Your Landing Page?

Your keywords must be on your landing page. This means that you need to create landing pages that give your prospects exactly what your ads say they will. This is “relevancy”, as the search engines understand it. Since search engines are just software, they can only work with the words which are in your ad, and on your landing page.

If your page is relevant, the search engines will reward you – you’ll pay less for your ads, AND your conversion rates will go up. Yes, you’ll get fewer clicks, but you’ll improve your results.

5. Write Your Pay Per Click Ads

Once you’ve written your landing page, now it’s time to write your ads. Remember – relevancy is everything. The keywords in your ads must match the keywords on your landing page.

6. Monitor Your Campaign

Finally, keep a close eye on your campaigns – this is vital. By monitoring your campaigns, you’ll know which landing pages and ads are converting best for you. Remove ads which have lower CTRs and conversions.

So there you have it – a step by step process to help you to get the most from your  PPC  campaigns.

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