Understanding Backlinks Part 5: Generating Backlinks Using RSS Feeds

RSS stands for real simple syndication, but when most people hear the word RSS feeds, simple is the last thing on their mind. In reality, it is really a real simple concept and also a great tool for generating one way backlinks to your website.

RSS feeds are basically a way to syndicate the content of your website. The feeds are most common with blogs, but a feed can be generate for any website. You can usually find the feed to a site or blog by looking for the orange symbol on the right side of your internet browser. When that symbol is clicked, you will be given a url which can be loaded into an RSS reader.

In addition, you can store feeds on your computer with access right from your browser. What this does is keep you posted on any updates from that website. For example, if you subscribe to your favorite blog’s feed, every time the blogger creates a new post, your RSS reader will display it.

RSS feeds become a great source of one way backlinks when you submit your feeds to the many RSS directories on the internet. Submitting your feeds to the RSS directories makes your feed available to anyone looking for the related information that you are providing. Backlinks are generated from the directories you submit to and when another webmaster adds your feed to their website.

Besides the ability to generate high pr backlinks, RSS feeds play another important role in search engine optimization. RSS directories are search engine friendly and therefore get indexed frequently. This is helpful for webmasters and SEO professionals that want to get their websites indexed or updated quickly with the search engines.

The best way to create an RSS feed is to start a blog with one of the free blogging communities. The subsequent step is to create content that describes the nature of your business. Once you have a few blogs posted, you can then submit your feeds to the directories. If you do not have a blog, you can create RSS feeds from the content of your site. There are several services online that allow webmasters to create feeds from different urls on their site.

Generating backlinks from feeds is as simple as syndicating your content on web. You can create custom feeds or utilize the ready made feeds generated by any blogging software. It does not matter which route you take, generating backlinks from RSS feeds is real simple syndication.

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