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One of the best ways to bring up your search engine rankings, and bring traffic to your blog, is by having a lot of back-links. A back-link is a link on someone else’s website to your blog. There are many ways to get back-links to your blog, you can write and submit articles to directories and other websites, you can write and submit a press release online, or you can simply post comments on other blogs which will then link back to your blog. Other ways to get back-links is to link all of your blog to one another and to link up with other blogger’s sites for the mutual benefit of all of you.

Article Submissions

There are many places online where you can submit a short (400-600 word) non-fiction article about something you know. This article could be your first blog posting, it could be something you come up with just to post on an article directory website, or it could be an article you have someone else ghostwrite and then publish under your own name. This is one time where having other people write for you probably isn’t a bad thing. As long as the article is good and sound it really doesn’t matter if it was written by you or a ghostwriter you hired to write it.

Submitting an article to an online article directory is free, simple, and easy. Simply turn one of your blog posts into an article which can stand alone, and then submit it to the article directory of your choice. (Some popular ones are,, and There are also automated submission programs you can use to submit your articles to many article sites all at one time.

Attached to your article will be a “byline.” Your byline will contain information about you and a link to your blogs and other websites. You could have your byline read something like “Jane Smith is a programmer by day and blogs on horses at night. See her amazing programming website at and read her blog at [].” This example byline just created two back-links for every time you publish the article; one to the programming site and another to the horse blog. If you post this article five times on the web you have ten back-links to your sites.

Also, many article sites allow you to publish non-exclusive rights articles on their sites. This means that you are free to post the same article on other article sites as well. Each time you submit the article you build links to your site. In addition, other bloggers and webmasters will link to these articles on their own relevant sites and that creates even more links for your site as well. By submitting articles to article directory websites you can build links easily to your site to increase your search engine rankings.

Press Release Submissions If you were to start a small home business, one way to receive free advertising for it would be to send a press release to your local newspapers. Online there are a few press release websites where you can submit a free press release about your new blog or website. (The two most popular are and

To make a press release, simply write up a short statement about how awesome your newly launched site is and post it on the free press release websites. Make sure to have a link to your site in your press release and you have just created one additional back-link for each site you submitted your press release to. Press releases are a great way to get links without a lot of work. They can be short and to the point. Blog Directory Submissions Just as there are directories online for e-mail address, phone numbers, and other information, there are also directories which contain blog listings. These blog directories are websites where people can go to find a whole list of blogs on any specific topic of interest to them. The search this directory, just like a search engine, and the results page is one of blogs which are on their topic.

Submitting your blogs to directories will help you to get both back-links and more readers to your blog. Both results will help with your search engine rankings as well as your AdSense ad revenue.

Comment on Other Blogs

Another way to create back-links to your blog is to post comments onto other people’s blogs and websites. If you leave quality comments then people just might want to find out what else you have to say on your own blog. If you leave comments on another Blogger blog, then your account will show up and your comments with automatically link back to your own blog. Readers of the blog will read your comments and click on your link to see what your blog is all about.

Some people will post a short message about enjoying a blog and then ask the blogger to check out their own blog and include the link to their own website. By simply leaving a spam message of “hey check out my blog” you will likely irritate people and not gain readers. Leave quality information and people are much more likely to check out your blog. You always want to make sure you are adding value to the web, not just out advertising your own blog to make money. Team Up With Other Bloggers Teaming up with other bloggers can be a great way to get links to your blog. You can have a one-way back-link to your website, or you can have reciprocal links. A reciprocal like is where you link to someone’s site and they link back to yours in exchange. Search engines prefer back-links over reciprocal links, but any link is better than none. And, the more links to your blog, ultimately the better.

Many bloggers have formed what is called a “blogroll.” A blogroll is a list of links to other blogs with similar topics of interest. This allows blogs to have back-links to them and also allows you to advertise your blog to the readers of all of the similar blogs. Blogrolls can be a great way to get new readers to your blog and to raise your search engine rankings at the same time.

Another thing bloggers will often do is trade posting message with another blogger. This trade of message posts is called “guest blogging.” Suppose for a moment that I have a successful blog on work at home opportunities. Another blogger who I found online has a blog on stay at home parents. We could trade posts where I would allow her guest post on my blog about stay at home parents in exchange for my guest posting about work at home opportunities on her blog. We swap “guest” posts and each includes a byline with a link back to our own blog or website. I have a back-link and she has one as well.

By teaming up with other bloggers and guest blogging in this way you can have access to the loyal readers of another blog and they will have access to your blog. Because, in the example above, our blogs do not directly compete with each other for readers, we can be an added service to each other and to our respective readers. We can both build up our readership and also create some links to our site at the same time. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved in it.

Finding other bloggers to guest blog with is not difficult. If you take the time to develop a good blog, with quality content, then other bloggers with good quality blogs will want to exchange links and posts with you. The better your blog, the better guest opportunities you will have!

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