Backlinks – Effective Use Of Linkbaiting

Linkbaiting is an increasingly popular method of enticing people to create links from other websites to your site to ultimately generate increased levels of traffic and improve your websites rankings in popular search engines. The way this is achieved is by uploading web content that people want to share with their family, friends or readers of their website. There are many ways of doing this, but that does not mean that it is easy.

If you take heed of the suggestions below, you are sure to create some successful linkbait for your website…

Humor is a global medium that almost everyone can appreciate and for that reason, it must be said that the most successful linkbaits are commonly based on humor. A humorous linkbait does not have to be a 2 minute stand-up routine or a birthday family video, if you can write your website or blog posts in a way that is lighthearted and contains some inoffensive jokes then you are sure to attract some backlinks.

One fantastic, but as yet not so popular way of creating links to your website or blog is to offer free downloadable or online software. Examples of this could include a currency converter for financial websites, pregnancy calculators for expecting mothers, a shopping list tool for food or shopping websites; anything that people will find useful and be compelled to pass on to their friends.

On the other hand, you could advertise a prize draw or competition for users to enter. As long as you can offer some kind of useful gift and you market the competition well enough this can be a very effective form of linkbait.

Generating public interest in your website is a lot easier if you offer information that a large proportion of people want to acquire. Topical or breaking news is one certain way to gain popularity as long as you get the articles written and published before anyone else on the internet; a tough call for anyone. If you get it right and you are a few hours ahead of everyone else in uploading an internationally breaking news story; your server will certainly be overwhelmed.

Instead of concentrating on news reports, you could provide specialist information based on particular knowledge like science reports, articles and research; or possibly your take on different sporting or political events.

There are a large amount of differing methods with regards to linkbaiting, though those detailed above are certainly the most commonly successful approaches to the problem. One particular method that has not been covered is viral videos, but these can only be sure to be successful if the video is hosted on your site and not a 3rd party video sharing site.

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