SEO – 8 Tips to Increase Your Website Overall Organic Traffic

SEO or  search  engine optimization is the process of increasing the volume of traffic to a website from  search  engine  organic  result listings. There are millions of searches conducted every day. If your prospects search for keywords that are related to your business and cannot find your web listing, then you are losing business to your competitors.

SEO is the bed rock of internet marketing and I strongly recommend that you start SEO right after you have built your website. Now, let me share with you 8 tips to optimize your website and increase the overall  organic  traffic to it:

1. Place important keywords on the Title and Meta tags of every page. Important keywords should be placed at the front of the tags and you should exclude Stop words like “the”, “a”, “an”, etc.

2. Keywords in tags should be unique and relevant. Every page should have an unique Title and Meta tag. The keywords you place in a tag should be relevant to the content of the page.

3. Place important keywords in Header tags. Header tags are like sub titles of a book. Therefore, it is important to place important keywords in it so that search engine will understand what your page is about.

4. Place keywords in your content. Important keywords should be placed in your content, especially in the first and last paragraph. Search engines will index your content and it will be displayed in the search results. So, make sure that your content is keyword optimized.

5. Do not stuff too many keywords into your content. This is known as Keyword Stuffing. Although placing keywords on your page is important in SEO, do not overdo it. When you overdo it, search engines will see this as spam and will blacklist your website.

6. Buy a domain name that contains the most important keyword for your business. This will further add weight and relevancy to the keyword that you wish to optimize.

7. Update your content regularly. Content is king when it comes to SEO. You can add more content in the form of articles and press releases to your website. Or, you can add a blog to your website and post new blog entry every day.

8. Build links. By getting more links to point back to your website, you are increasing your website link popularity. This will help you score high rankings for important keywords on search engine result listings.

SEO is something that you must implement if you own a website. If not, you are leaving a lot of traffic and sales on the table.

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