Organic Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)

 Organic  every  search  results are those that appear on search result pages because of their relevance to the words or phrases that the searcher types in. Non-organic  search  results are paid campaigns.  Organic  SEO is free of cost. It is the process of building a web presence to a web site from search engines by means of natural SEO efforts, through optimization of on-page content.

It involves art of developing web content in a particular way that will enable the site to appear on the first page of the Search Optimization such as Google, Yahoo, Live/MSN etc.

Important factors of  Organic  SEO

The following are the important factors of  Organic  SEO:

• The Search Engine Spider should access your content and should be able to efficiently make out what the web site is about. This requires Search results compatible infrastructure.

• The text and back end code on a web page should be in a particular way that the SEO favor.

• There should be smooth navigation with adequate links.

All the above three factors, when employed in the right proportion, will get your page to the first page of the  organic   Search  results and you will gain the extra edge to compete in the competitive market. If implemented in the right way,  organic  way of Optimization provides you with a constant flow of visitors. A majority of the browsers click for the “natural” results.

However,  organic   search  engine optimization is a time-consuming process as it involves content development, coding and providing links, mainly for the most sought after keyword phrases.

The role of a designer

The role of a designer starts here. The designer has to discover the best way to lay out a website and still should be able to keep the code to a bare minimum. The shorter the code, the better your chances are of getting good rankings. If you create menus using Java script there is a chance of being overlooked by the its engines as they can’t get through Java script. So the designer should find a better alternative for those menus, giving the site the same features and design but keeping them open to the spiders. Flash based sites might also go unnoticed by the search engine spiders. This too can be solved with some effort on the scripting side and the usage of tags.

It can be concluded that grasping what the search engine spiders recognize is absolutely important to your web site’s success. And,  Organic  mainly its engine optimization saves your money and gives your website more traffic. It can provide momentous impact in search results when coupled with good content and simple but efficient web design.

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